"I'm fixing some dents but not all"
A paintless dent removal training student called me a few years back and said the above.
He was not following the system in several ways, but his biggest problem was how he was making his dents.
Like many PDR trainees, he was making dents that were just too sharp.
Can a new guy fix a dent like this?
Maybe, if its about a dime size or less. Once he starts making his dents bigger, no way. Even the most experienced tech with years of pushing will struggle to fix very sharp, deep dents like this.
The dents made with small objects or small round faces are very advanced. Read: difficult to fix.
A good trainer would never, and I mean never start you out on something so far above your skill level.
How you make your practice dents really does make a difference.
You can see exactly what to use on the PDR Training Cheat Sheet.

I've been encouraging students to use this tool for several years now, but you know something?
Some students (not you) will pooh pooh it as if its not important.
It breaks my heart. Not because they didn't listen to me.
Hey, I’m a man (but I can change), so I understand why they don't.
What kills me is when someone breaks all the rules, tries doing it the wrong way, then says, "I knew this wouldn't work!" Next, they sign up with a trainer who charges thousands just to force them to use the very same tool!

The second most common mistake new PDR students make is working with too large of a dent. Again, I understand the desire to get in there and get to the money part. Who wants to practice anyway? Its no fun.
But how you progress matters. When I trained someone in person, no way was I going to dump a new guy on a big dent.
Why not? I consider it an act of kindness not too.
I won't give car keys to an eight year old kid either. Because I care for him and the people he might smash into if I did. Not to mention how reckless it would be.
Yet, too often, a paintless student calls me, almost laughing about the big dents they're trying, wondering why they don't turn out at the end.
A new guy has got to respect the progression.

Starting on dents too large for your paintless chops is not good for you. Its like a toddler who just learned to walk. He does not break into a sprint like he’s running the 40 yard dash. Know why? It hurts to fall!
When practicing paintless repair, you must respect the steps.

If you follow the directions outlined in the PDR Self Mastery Formula and are kind to yourself, success will follow.
Look, even if you've been to a trainer or are signed up for one soon, you are still going to conquer painless dent repair only through self mastery. So follow the formula. Go watch the paintless training videos here.

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